Your Personal Brand

Your Personal Brand

“Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.” ~Jeff Bezo

What brand of coffee do you buy—and why?

How about clothing, cars, or candy?

Branding companies and services abound to help people and companies identify, refine and promote their brand so you’ll remember it, want it, and buy it.

According to the experts, a brand identity should tell people who you are, what you do, and why you do it.

That’s a tall order to try and sum up in a short sentence or phrase, which is why it’s so difficult to do—and so pricey to hire others to help you.

Here’s the thing, though: you already have a brand, whether you’ve articulated it or not.

It’s what you value, what you stand for, and why.  It reflects your character.

Putting a name to your personal brand clarifies and energizes. It sharpens your focus and pinpoints your aim.

Like Nike. Just do it.

If focus is your goal, and your aim is the mechanism you use, your brand is the fuel that propels you forward.

Best you name it for yourself, or else others will do it for you.

“Everyone has a personal brand—by design or default.” ~Lida Citroen

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Cynthia Barlow

Founder Cynthia Barlow

Facilitator, Author, Coach

Helping businesses build their people

When your people have the skills to communicate more effectively, they can connect more easily and collaborate more productively. Not only on the job, but also in life.

Communication, Connection, and Collaboration—the three “C’s”—are the cornerstones of all successful businesses. They are the result of Emotional Intelligence in action.

More details can be found in my recent best seller with co-author Jennifer Eggers:
Resilience: It’s Not About Bouncing Back

The power of resilience within organizations can transform an average company into a powerhouse. Yet, even in times of rapid disruptive change, there is no manual for building resilient organizations. This book is that manual.

“If you  want to build more resilience intentionally—personally and professionally—read this book.
Fran Karamousis, Chief  of Research, Gartner


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