What’s Your Measuring Stick?

What’s Your Measuring Stick?

“Do not let your grand ambitions stand in the way of small but meaningful accomplishments.” ~Bryant H. McGill

There’s a difference between an accomplishment and an achievement.

It’s the difference between winning an Oscar for one stellar performance, and never winning one, yet being honored with a life-time achievement award for an entire body of work.

Perhaps, rather than looking to achieve something, you might consider instead the value of small daily accomplishments as indicators pointing the way to eventual achievement.

Walking the road, noticing the signs, feeling pleased with the smaller accomplishments of daily living—those are the steps that lead to a life of achievement.

Trying to race down that road will hardly lead to an internal sense of achievement, let alone achievement itself.

What good is it to be a “successful” doctor, lawyer, Indian chief, with a big bank account and admired by others, if you feel as though you haven’t done enough, made enough, impressed enough?

Perhaps they’re using the wrong measuring stick.

There is no amount of external admiration that will compensate for an internal lack of self-esteem, no amount of validation that can make up for lack of self-confidence.

Perhaps, it’s time to start patting yourself on the back.

It’s twice as powerful as a pat from someone else.

And a better measuring stick.


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