The Soundtrack of Your Life

The Soundtrack of Your Life

“My legacy is that I stayed on course, from the beginning to the end, because I believed in something inside of me.” ~Tina Turner

No one knows what their legacy will be while they live.

A legacy is time-dependent, and lasts longer than your life. That’s the whole point.

Do you want to leave your loved ones a million bucks or a million memories? Both would be nice, but rare is the person who is able to do that.

I recommend that you don’t waste a lot of your precious present concerned with a future wherein you may leave behind something of value.

Live the kind of life in the present that makes you smile each day, that makes you proud of and grateful for who you’ve become.

If, in the present, you seek fame and fortune, or power and position, you will likely leave little of lasting worth behind.

Character and integrity and kindness and contribution last a lot longer. Seek those and you’ll leave the kind of legacy that impacts future generations.

Money may be nice (and necessary), but it’s no substitute for meaning, which is essential.

And for that, you must share what you learn, not just what you earn.

“A legacy for me is being a piece of the soundtrack of someone’s life.” ~Brett Eldredge

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Cynthia Barlow

Founder Cynthia Barlow

Facilitator, Author, Coach

Helping businesses build their people

When your people have the skills to communicate more effectively, they can connect more easily and collaborate more productively. Not only on the job, but also in life.

Communication, Connection, and Collaboration—the three “C’s”—are the cornerstones of all successful businesses. They are the result of Emotional Intelligence in action.

More details can be found in my recent best seller with co-author Jennifer Eggers:
Resilience: It’s Not About Bouncing Back

The power of resilience within organizations can transform an average company into a powerhouse. Yet, even in times of rapid disruptive change, there is no manual for building resilient organizations. This book is that manual.

“If you  want to build more resilience intentionally—personally and professionally—read this book.
Fran Karamousis, Chief  of Research, Gartner


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