The Promise of Transition

The Promise of Transition

“Your life is a story of transitions. You are always leaving one chapter behind while moving on to the next.” ~Stephanie Simpson

I returned from Mexico five days ago after a blissful three weeks in warm weather.

Flip-flops are my favourite form of footwear.

Unfortunately, they now reside on the floor of my closet, not on my feet, where they await the return of warmer weather.

Have I mentioned how much I dislike cold? Unless we’re talking ice cream, ice cubes or ice-cold beverages, I can live without cold of any kind.

But I realized something this trip I had not articulated to myself before: I cannot live without the changing of the seasons.

I love autumn and falling leaves and scarves as much as I crave summer and sunshine and flip-flops.

I adore watching trees come alive in the spring, when daffodils and tulips herald its arrival.


Our lives contain their own seasons and learning how to transition between what was and what will be becomes a source of strength.

To quote a line from my forthcoming book, Four Fridays, “…as we inch our way through the journey that begins after the good-byes: To what shall we say hello?”

Learning to embrace the times between might be one key to contentment.

Upon my return to Toronto, I said hello to unexpected sunshine and a lack of snow on the ground.

The sky was bright until after dinner, the lengthening of light at the end of the day indicating spring’s inevitable arrival.

But it was still winter. And cold.

So, I went to the market to restock the fridge, and bought some tulips on impulse, because sometimes a physical transition requires an emotional one as well.

Warmer weather is around the corner.

My flip-flops may be in my closet, but as long as there are tulips on the table and ice cream in the freezer, I’m good with promises during transition.

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