The New Normal is in Our Hands

The New Normal is in Our Hands

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” ~Socrates

After cleaning out any remaining clutter in my already quite tidy apartment, I have settled into my personal new normal, whatever that is.

Two weeks after the whole world punched the pause button, it is one, at least, fuelled more by facts than feelings.

And the facts indicate, at least as of today, Monday March 30, 2020, that our collective ‘new normal’ will not emerge for many months and none of us—not doctors, nor pundits, nor educators—can predict what it will look like when it does.

I think it’s a time when we are all being asked to be still, look inward, in order to get okay with ourselves and our priorities, to prepare ourselves for the new normal when it appears.

People everywhere are doing their best to adjust and there are extraordinary examples of human kindness being birthed daily. Stories abound on social media, stories of hope and generosity.


My new normal includes being housebound, as does the majority of the world. What to do, what to do… ?

My laundry is done, and all ironing completed.

There are clean sheets on my bed.

There is fresh food in my fridge and canned goods on the shelves.

There is nothing left to do to ‘catch up’ with myself, no nagging ‘someday’ tasks.

Someday has come, and I am all caught up.

Time for the new.

So, I opened up YouTube and watched a how-to video: I crocheted a sweater in twenty-four hours for my granddaughter this week. And I learned a new song on my guitar. As a rank beginner, that is amazing progress.


Like a tender green shoot poking up through the cold spring soil, my personal new-ness feels fragile and vulnerable, a turning from what was to what will be; I want to be careful with it.

Change is rarely comfortable—or consistent—and we are undergoing tremendous and rapid change right now.

None of us know what our new collective normal will look or feel like when it emerges, like some fragile, unrecognizable sprout pushing itself into view.

So, let us be gentle with it—and ourselves—as it pokes its way through the cold soil of the current coronavirus.

Our future new normal is in our hands.

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