Snow: Like a Silence Vitamin

Snow: Like a Silence Vitamin

“There is no deeper silence than snow falling.” ~Robert Frost

Saturday. It’s snowing. Hard.

I watch through a large window from the warmth of my apartment as the snow accumulates on the patio outside.

There is not a person in sight walking the sidewalk along the street below.

Movement in downtown Toronto has slowed to a crawl and muted the sounds of cautious cars and lumbering trucks.

In talking with a coaching client today I remarked that snow, such as we have today—steady and thick—brings with it a certain sense of stillness, as though it turns down the volume of the world, something we could all use on occasion.

It may be inconvenient and messy, and even potentially dangerous or costly, but snow days, turned into low volume days, can do much to dial down the volume of our internal chatterbox as well and help to dissipate gnawing anxieties.

When we move too fast, try to do too much, it can gunk up our gears.

We don’t get enough silence in our daily diet.

It would serve us to consume it like vegetables. Or vitamins. Or Metamucil.

Just might help mitigate emotional constipation.

“When snow falls, nature listens.” ~Antoinette Van Kleeff


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