Rip the Band-Aids Off

Rip the Band-Aids Off

“We are happy in proportion to the things we can do without.” ~ Henry David Thoreau

Seems to me that uncertain times often create an accumulation mindset.

As though saving bits of paper and string will help bind one’s anxiety.

As though a new car or dress or suit or gadget will improve your outlook on life.

These are band-aids; they are nothing more than temporary protection for existing wounds.

And there comes a time when band-aids must be ripped off to promote healing.

An interesting mind experiment: What can you live without? If your home was on fire and you had 2 mins to grab a few things (other than people) what would you want to save from the flames?

I’ll bet you it would be very little. Memories, mostly. But not that new dress or suit.

Confusing what you own for whom you are is a common trap, and one that erodes self-confidence, resilience and happiness.

Clearing out accumulated physical clutter goes hand in hand with cleaning out the emotional clutter of one’s mind and heart: worn-out relationships, dead-end jobs, self-destructive behaviours.

Rule of thumb: If you haven’t worn it, used it, derived enjoyment from it or looked for it in five years, toss it.

Duty and obligation are not good enough reasons to keep things you don’t need, use, or want.

Just because you got it at a bargain price, or long ago it once served a purpose, is not a good enough reason to keep crap that clogs your senses and sucks your energy.

Why let yesterday’s band-aids prevent today’s healing?

Not to mention today’s happiness.



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