Redefine Power, Capture Peace

Redefine Power, Capture Peace

“Power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Lord Acton, nineteenth-century English historian 

That’s it—the image you see. That’s the entire blog today.

Look at it for a minute.

This is one of street artist Banksy’s most famous paintings; Jimi Hendrix, I think you know.

And as you look at it, I ask you to consider what its message evokes in you, and not the immediate associations to current global events and world leaders and money brokers, but rather underneath to our individual search for—and love of—power in our own lives.

What does it say to you—and what do you feel?

Some questions I’ve asked of myself recently:

–  How do I define power?

–  From whence does it spring?

–  And how do I measure peace?

–  Does peace translate to comfort and ease—or a different form of power?

–  How do I nurture peace?

–  What do I need to let go of in order to let more peace in?

As we close out another rather dismal winter and look forward to the promise of spring, let’s remember that true peace on a global level can only reflect our personal commitment to peace on an individual level.

We must know how we characterize and cling to power before we can capture and claim peace.

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