Maturity Means Mastering Your Emotions

Maturity Means Mastering Your Emotions

“Maturity is the ability to think, speak and act your feelings within the bounds of dignity.” ~Samuel Ullman

Old joke: “How do you learn good judgement?”

Answer: “By exercising bad judgement.”

When we learn from our mistakes, we learn good judgement.

And when are we most liable to display poor judgement?

When we’re scared, angry, or feel betrayed, belittled or blindsided, all feelings we don’t like.

But feelings are simply messengers, porters of information that should not be ignored, even in the workplace.

They are neither good nor bad. They are simply involuntary, socialized responses to a situation that reflect our lens on life.

Displays or acknowledgment of negative emotions are often culturally taboo or frowned upon, however, they are ever present and guide most of our choices, whether we admit it or not.

They are like electric cords running under the carpet, potentially unseen, but there, nonetheless.

And whether we are aware of them consciously or not, emotions play a powerful and fundamental role in our maturation.

Learning what those feelings are, when they occur—and most important why they occur—becomes critical to effective self-control.

Without self-awareness, there is can be little self-control. Without self-control, there can be little professional advancement.

Practice paying attention to what you feel, when you feel it, and why.

It’s the foundation for maturity.


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