Lose the Lip Service

Lose the Lip Service

“You must not mistake lip service and noise for bravery and service.” ~Marcus Garvey 

To pay lip service means that you speak your support/belief in someone/thing, but your actions don’t back up your words.

Lip service is cheap, easy, and feckless.

And it doesn’t fool anyone, not long-term.

Lip-service is akin to deforestation, eroding one’s character and laying waste to trust.

– Many politicians pay lip service to public service.

– Some spouses pay lip service to love.

– Many business leaders pay lip service to excellence.

– Some doctors pay lip service to health.

– Even some judges pay lip service to justice.

My question: To what are you paying lip service?

If you’re going to voice it, make sure your actions shout it.

Because lip service alone is empty, void of value, and doesn’t serve you or those you love or lead.

And despite its seeming up-front “sale” price, lip service carries a back-end cost in interest payments you cannot afford to pay.

“The road to perdition has ever been accompanied by lip service to an ideal.” ~Albert Einstein



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