Leave Your Expectations at the Door

Leave Your Expectations at the Door

“My happiness grows in direct proportion to my acceptance, and in inverse proportion to my expectations.” ~Michael J. Fox

Expectations. They’re killers.

Expecting a call, or a check, or a promotion?

Or maybe a perfect dinner party or presentation.

How about expecting others to notice—or to overlook?

Maybe a bonus.

Or happiness.

Or love.

Or more time.

Some advice: Intend, don’t expect.

The difference? Clear intentions—knowing the WHY behind the WHAT you expect—rarely produce resentment.

Best to check your expectations at the door, or you’ll wear a coat of disappointment on the way out.

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Cynthia Barlow

Founder Cynthia Barlow

Facilitator, Author, Coach

Helping businesses build their people

If your people have the skills to communicate more effectively, they can connect more authentically and thus collaborate more productively. Not only on the job, but also in life.

Communication, Connection, and Collaboration—the three “C’s”—are the cornerstones of all successful businesses.

Experiential learning through interactive workshops and coaching combines these three essential components with real-world application. By heightening self-awareness, enhancing emotional intelligence (EQ), and reinforcing accountability people become better communicators and self-managers.

I’ve been driving new kinds of conversations my entire career. Clear, confident, congruent conversations that generate change. The kind of conversations that create real collaboration. The kind that build your business—and your character.


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