From Shoulds to Wants

From Shoulds to Wants

“We don’t get our shoulds, we get our musts.” ~Tony Robbins

Shoulds will kill you.

Seriously. They’ll choke the life right out of you.

Shoulds rely on guilt as a motivator.

It’s like whipping a horse to go faster while it’s still in its stall – leaves you bloodied and bruised.

And shoulds are an attitude, basically, built on B.S.; you’re writing an I-owe-you to the present, fooling yourself into believing you’ll pay yourself back in the future.

Think of all the things you say you should do/say/feel. How well has that worked?

Turn your shoulds into musts and you’ll take action.

Then, take your musts and turn them into wants, and you’re off to the races, no whip required.

To paraphrase Yoda, “Do, or do not. But don’t try to sell yourself shoulds.”

They’re exhausting.

And they simply don’t work.

“Shoulds weigh us down and apply pressure – they are preferences gone rogue.” ~Shelly Davies

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