Fall: A Fresh Start

Fall: A Fresh Start

“Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.”~F. Scott Fitzgerald

Fall arrived in Ontario, suddenly, in the last week.

My window box flowers have withered and the tree outside my living room window has shed half its leaves.

The first frost is forecast.

Time to put the tee-shirts away and get out the sweaters.

For me, neurologically, fall represents fresh starts, a carry-over of my early school year programming.

New oxford shoes, brown paper covered books and untested teachers.

Another opportunity to start over again. A clean slate.

Endless opportunities.

Some folks find fall slightly depressing with its decreasing temperatures and diminishing light.

But I find it refreshing.

Winter? Not so much.

But fall…? An annual fresh start. Everyone deserves that.

Seems to me that what I used to find slightly annoying—this mind-link to the beginning of the school year after almost fifty years away from it—has become a neurological blessing.

Many thanks to my early-childhood programming.

Or at least, this aspect of it.


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