Do it Daily, Dummy

Do it Daily, Dummy

“I could only achieve success in my life through self-discipline, and I applied it until my wish and my will became one.” ~Nikola Tesla

I’ve started an accountability journal.

I’d call it a fitness journal except, well, it’s not really about physical fitness.

It’s about creating new habits which experts say take 21—28 days to take root.

I don’t know about you, but the time of Covid coupled with the winter cold has created an environment in which, since I live alone and am self-employed, I can pretty much sit on the couch and eat bon-bons all day.

Do M&M’s count?

And it’s not about weight—I’m five pounds lighter than I was a year ago. Don’t hate me.

It’s about energy, movement and, most importantly, consciousness: I watch TV, read, and eat unconsciously far too often.

So, I started this little journal and I write down everything I eat and do—how long I read, play my guitar, do yoga and Tai Chi, or how long I walk, or the grams of protein or ounces of water consumed, and how many (damn) push-ups and arm curls I do.

You get the picture.

At the beginning, the only thing that motivated me was the desire to write something in that journal that proved I was trying.

Slowly, that desire morphed into not wanting to not write something. Guilt can motivate.

Many nights I forced myself to the floor for a few push-ups I had managed to avoid all day just so I could write that in my journal. See! I did the damn things. Get off my back!

Will I get my old Michelle Obama arms back? I used to have them.

Who knows? Probably not, but it doesn’t matter.

Because the point is the daily discipline and the creation of new habits.

The point is quality of engagement, not quantity of reps.

It’s been three weeks since I began chronicling my daily disciplines and I’m finding the desire to record them diminishing.

I still sit on my couch, but I’m doing it more consciously. I still stock chocolate but I’m eating it more consciously and reading and even breathing more consciously.

And wonder of wonders, I actually wanted to do my push-ups last night.

And then completely forgot to record the fact that I did them.

Very cool.

“Discipline, not desire, determines your destiny.” ~Anonymous


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