Chicken and Egg, Time and Tomorrow

Chicken and Egg, Time and Tomorrow

“You can’t have a better tomorrow if you are thinking about yesterday all the time.”  – Charles Kettering

Time has become a bit fuzzy to me, amorphous, as though viewing a landscape through a rain soaked windshield at night.

I wake up and wonder, “What day is it?”

The days are blurring and distinctions fading.

There is little difference between weekday and weekend, between now and then.

Things seems completely fluid while frozen solid in isolation.

People want to return to normal. That means a return to what is known and familiar—what was.

And people speculate on what our new normal will look and feel like.

As the old adage goes, that’s as fruitless as a baby chick who’s about to hatch speculating about what life will be like on the other side of its shell.

I think our new normal will present as pronounced and stark a difference in our day-to-day reality as did September 11th which caused a paradigm shift the world over.

I remember the days of being late for a flight and running through an airport void of security scanners and long lines—those days are gone.

Personally, I think the paradigm of “profits” and the mindset of “more” will wither on the vine—if we chose not to water them.

I hope all of us give serious thought to what kind of new normal we want to emerge, and what part we want to play in its creation. What will we bring with us once we can again be out in the world?

What will we carry into our tomorrow?

Because our yesterday? It’s not returning.

But when time stands still, like this, the adventure in the midst of this shift—unlike chickens—is that we get to shape what comes after.



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