Presence in the Presents

Presence in the Presents

“Love is what’s in the room with you at Christmas if you stop opening presents and listen.” ~Author unknown, attributed to a 7-year-old named Bobby

The holiday season always seem to sneak up on me with the cunning of a panther, so slowly I don’t notice its arrival until I feel the pounce.

Despite having completed all my shopping and shipping in advance, that big black cat still catch me. Last minute things. Errands. Driving. Food. Drink. Family. Friends. Fun. More food. More driving.

The spirit of Christmas can get lost in all the activity.

In the midst of much physical movement, may we all remember that the best part of the holidays isn’t the food or the fun or the gifts or the gab; it’s the silence, and the love in the room.

As always, my humble thanks for taking the time each week to read my random thoughts.

I wish you all a happy, peaceful (and patient) holiday, one in which you are blessed to find the presence in the presents.

Happy holidays!

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